Single mom Shelia, gifted with sometimes-prophetic dreams, moonlights as a paranormal investigator while working at a car-rental service counter and raising her teenage son, Owen. After her appearance on a local radio program, she’s contacted about Richard, a recent widower who thinks his wife may be haunting his East Tennessee farmhouse. Agreeing to help, Shelia brings along Owen and his sweet classmate Lucy in hopes of understanding the mystery.

Light From Light is a balm of a film, bathed in the atmosphere of the misty mountains surrounding the farmhouse and the nighttime soundtrack of the ever-present crickets’ song. Writer/director Paul Harrill’s empathetic work quietly captures the rhythms of his characters’ daily lives, while imbuing them (and their spiritual investigation) with an appreciation of what we gain and risk by being open to possibilities. Marin Ireland and Jim Gaffigan ingrain Shelia and Richard with a grounded sensitivity and compassion as each contemplates their own regrets, while Josh Wiggins and Atheena Frizzell provide a delicate counterpoint with their portrayals of the less life-worn Owen and Lucy.

— 2019 Sundance Film Festival catalog

2019 • 82 minutes • USA

Ley Line Entertainment presents a Sailor Bear Production in association with Ten Acre Films


Written & Directed by Paul Harrill


Marin Ireland……………………..Shelia

Jim Gaffigan…………………….Richard

Josh Wiggins………………………Owen

Atheena Frizzell………………..Lucy


James M. Johnston • Kelly Williams • Toby Halbrooks • Elisabeth Moss • Tim Headington • Theresa Steele


Jonathan Duffy • David Lowery


Amy Leigh Hubbard • Michael Mobley


Cinematography by Greta Zozula

Production Design by Brittany Ingram

Wardrobe Design by Nichole Hull

Editing by Courtney Ware

Sound Design by Johnny Marshall

Original Music by Adam Granduciel & Jon Natchez



Sundance Film Festival - WORLD PREMIERE

Wisconsin Film Festival - April 4-11

Sarasota Film Festival - April 4-11

Montclair Film Festival - May 3-12

Chicago Critics Film Festival - May 17-23 - CLOSING NIGHT FILM

Oak Cliff Film Festival - June 6-9

Sidewalk Film Festival - August 19-25

Chesapeake Film Festival - October 3-10


A movie of great intimacy and mystery, Light From Light is a remarkable achievement.

- C. Mason Wells, Film Comment

Acted with soulful feeling by a fine cast led by Marin Ireland and Jim Gaffigan, writer-director Paul Harrill’s second feature is constructed around a paranormal investigation but is really more interested in the internal forces haunting its four principal characters. Modest in scale but rich in sensitivity, this is an unassuming film, made all the more transfixing by its defining delicacy and understatement.

- David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter

A gem likely to stay with anyone smart enough to seek it out.

- Elizabeth Weitzman, The Wrap

In the span of only around 80 minutes, Harrill builds a space for his actors to fully inhabit their characters, leading to a blissfully satisfying, profoundly spiritual conclusion.

- Jordan Raup, The Film Stage

Light from Light is a quiet and modest film with big subjects on its mind and it will reward those viewers with the patience to listen to the faint wavelengths at the end of the dial.

- Joe Blessing, The Playlist

Ireland and Gaffigan can express so much with a single glance and they’re both exquisite here, radiating intelligence and uncertainty...[W]hile the characters may be chasing apparitions in Light From Light, it restores one’s belief in other people, a somewhat radical and entirely galvanizing notion for the world we live in now.

- Stephen Saito, Moveable Fest

Paul Harrill‘s intensely gorgeous feature Light From Light” demonstrates that even the smallest of stories can have a big emotional impact.

- Louisa Moore, Screen Zealots

Light is a big, muddy river of a film. It is quiet, but it runs deep…Very highly recommended.

- Joe Bendel, Unseen Films

On a rare occasion, I have been lucky enough to view a perfect film not just in my personal life, but at the Wisconsin Film Festival as well. These are movies that can engage me emotionally, aesthetically, and are perfectly executed from a technical perspective. The Sweet Hereafter (1997), Whiplash (2014), and 3-Iron (2004) all come to mind. This year, I am happy to add Paul Harrill's Light From Light (2019) to this list. Starring Marin Ireland and Jim Gaffigan, this is essentially an anti-ghost story that is so subtle and understated but leaves an emotional impact that will stay with you for days on end.

- Edwanike Harbour, Tone Madison




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